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bg-mango-tetrasBrazil Gourmet is a mother-daughter-owned company that exports authentic nectars and juices out of—you guessed it—Brazil.
After we designed packaging and trade show materials for their Superfruits Juice with Acai Berry, Brazil Gourmet hired us to develop a carton and new package design for the 100% Mango Juice, sold primarily at Costco. They wanted to continue using tetra pak prisma’s recycled product packaging, yet insure a vibrant design to enhance the pak presentation (printing on this material can look cloudy).
Check “more” for some of the “fun facts” that we listed on the packaging!

Did you know that you’re drinking from a Tetra Prisma® Aseptic Tetra Pak?
No, it doesn’t mean you’re going to turn into a spacewalker. It does mean you’re using the most efficient beverage container made today. Not only is it easy to pack with you for a quick hit of great tasting juice on-the-go, it’s also the most eco-friendly beverage container available—made from the best attributes of recycled paper, plastic and aluminum. This award-winning packaging blocks out light and air, seals in nutrients and flavor, and contributes to your overall recycling efforts.
Did you know that mangoes are known as the “King of Fruits”?
That’s right. The mango wears the crown when it comes to exotically sweet deliciousness! There are more than 1,000 different varieties of this brightly colored treat and more fresh mangoes are eaten every day than any other fruit in the world. That’s why Gloria and her daughter Simone, the owners of Brazil Gourmet, decided to bring the premium mango juice they create in Brazil to the United States.
Did you know that the Toucan is the icon for the Rainforest?
Even though they’re a little quirky, sleep with their beaks on their backs, are noisy and croak like a frog, and can be heard up to half-mile away, we at Brazil Gourmet decided to embrace the Toucan’s, um, “uniqueness” and use this beautiful bird as our logo’s icon to represent the fresh nectars and juices we create in Brazil.
Brazil: It’s more than Mardi Gras (although Mardi Gras is a really great reason to visit!)
Mardi Gras or Carnaval is one of Brazil’s most famous events but the expansive country is also know for its stunning beaches, the Rainforest, the Samba and it’s the only country to win the soccer World Cup five times. Brazil is also legendary for its luscious fruits and juices, the same ones Brazil Gourmet brings to you in their nectars and juices.

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Tom Foerstel : Founder & President

Tom Foerstel

Founder & President

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60’s, Tom developed a strong desire to create positive change for people and planet.


He went on to pursue his passion for art and design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and worked for design firms in Southern California before moving to Boise, Idaho in the early 80’s. Foerstel Design opened its doors in 1985. Since its inception, the firm has cultivated a bold, happy, forward-looking team focussed on creating distinct and effective work on behalf of their clients.


An integral part of Tom’s philosophy is giving back to the community in which he lives — a company cornerstone that drives Foerstel’s long history of providing pro-bono services to local non-profit humanitarian and arts programs.


One of Tom’s proudest personal achievements is his ability to say Supercalifragilisticexpyalidocious backwards.