Why we do what we do.

We want to Save The World. Seriously. And we figured with our passion, expertise and experience for marketing and design, the best way we could do that is to work with companies and individuals who create products and services that benefit the health of our planet and all the creatures who live here. Lucky for us, it’s a full-time job.

Established in 1985, we have grown to become an eclectic group of creative individuals with a passion for design, a zealous work ethic, and a deep appreciation for all things organic, natural and sustainable.  Our collective of personalities, talents, and diverse interests strengthens the fabric that makes up our tight-knit team. You’ll find cooks, musicians, vegetarians, NASCAR enthusiasts, gym rats, and poets. And that’s just the accounting department.

Meet the team.

Daryl Beeson
Technology Director / TechnoSavant
Daryl has one of those jobs where we know he's invaluable even though we don't completely understand what he does (which makes him all the more invaluable). He's been explaining web issues using car analogies for Foerstel since 1997.
Kim Bergquist
CFO / Cork Collector
The left side of the Foerstel brain, Kim wrangles creatives and clients to find our balance, also known as accounting zen. Committed to doing her part for the environment and not being wasteful, she indulges the team with our very own community garden.
Marie Brochier
Creative Director / Chief Cookie Chef
Being with the Foerstel team since 1988 Marie takes the prize of most senior employee (besides Tom, of course). When she arrives at the office in the morning with a shiny, foil-covered plate we all know we'll be having her famous cookies, still warm from the oven, for breakfast. And that it will be a good day.
Claudia Button
Creative Director / Illustrator / Italian Export
Tying gelato as our favorite Italian export, Claudia has brought her talents for beautiful design to Foerstel since 2003. Not surprisingly, she is also the resident fashionista, single-handedly bringing the office style score up substantially.
Janell Count
Organic Sales Manager / Animal Advocate
Having a lot of mouths to feed drives Janell to excel in the area of business development for the organic and natural industries. Well, that's if you consider 2 horses, 6 goats, 4 dogs and 10 cats a lot.*
*Numbers subject to change as more animals need a loving home.
Tom Foerstel
Founder, President, Big Cheese
Tom often jumps for joy and why shouldn't he? He gets to spend his days working in an industry he believes in with clients he loves. As a vegetarian, yogi and lover of animals (just ask him how many cats he has), he truly walks the talk.
Cody Gacek
Programmer / Bike Enthusiast
Cody jumped right in and become part of the Foerstel family. When not conquering all things web, he can be found in his happy place (AKA: riding the trails around Boise on his most awesome mountain bike).
David Vincent
Junior Art Director / Outdoor Enthusiast
New to Foerstel, Dave is excited to work on whatever projects come his way. When not designing, he can be found with his wife, Amber, and their dog, Dusty, hiking the Northwest’s endless trails or road tripping around the country.
Mary K Johnson
Accounting / Cardio Queen
Good thing Mary K likes cardio because between accounting duties and office management, we keep her running! If that's not enough exercise she can be found on the tennis court or hiking and biking the trails around Boise and McCall.
Laura Martin
Account Director / Mama Bear
The mothering skills Laura honed on her own kids she now uses in her role as account director – working to keep everyone happy and being an advocate of plenty of play time! She also manages the The Famous Idaho® Potato Tour as mama bear to the Tater Team.
Megan  Stoll
Marketing Coordinator / Unicorn Activist
Megan is all things social – oh, and she runs our social media too. With her energy and enthusiasm, she's been nothing but music to the Foerstel ears since joining us in 2013. Of course, that's no surprise as she's a founding member of Boise's Treefort Music Fest.
Linda Whittig
Manager, web + creative / Nutty with Sophisticated Overtones
Linda joined the Foerstel team as a designer in 1992 (she'll try to tell you she was 12 at the time), and has taken on geek-in-training status as the manager of the web department. She pairs well with food and is almost always better with a glass of wine.
CFO (Chief Feline Officer)
Milo joined the team in 2015. You can email him, but even though he walks across keyboards all the time, his typing skills are lacking. That and he's usually asleep on the job. Being this cute is exhausting.


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